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More than just another real estate group, we showcase expertise and a true partnership. Knowledge is powerful and we are here to help you figure out what and where your next move will be – taking away the problems and stress of moving. We are genuinely committed to helping you through your next life transition.

My wife and I moved to Minnesota in late March, 2020, and we were looking to buy a piece of property to start our homestead project. The few realtors we spoke with at first were family non-responsive, due to the weather and the pandemic. As a result, my wife and I decided to do our own research for properties and went to look at them ourselves. Even then, most realtors wanted nothing to do with our project. This is where Cari Ann came in. We found a property we liked and and contacted Zillow, who sent us to some “random” agent. We thought this was odd, as Cari Ann was the listed agent. So, we reached out to her directly and received a response within minutes! It was amazing. She new exactly which property we were talking about without much description. After a brief but pleasant exchange, my wife and I decided to make an offer on the property. Even though we never met in person, or toured the property with her, she was on point with every concern or question we had. She was able to get a closing date for us with just a few weeks, and the transaction went as smoother than we ever expected. After the purchase, about a month later, we had an issue with a road easement on property. We contacted Cari Ann, and she was on it. Within 48 hours she had contacted the title company, the county, and the title company lawyers, who all assured us the issue was a nonissue. She really went above and beyond, with her service and professionalism. We definitely recommend her for all your realtor needs, and look forward to working with her in the future.
J Krull